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Rev Landon Horton as Guest Speaker at the Statesville Road Baptist Church - Charlotte - NC

Special Notice

1. Hungry and Thirsty (Angels and Sparrows) Thousands of JUMBO brown lunch bags Thousands of “throw-away” small containers or cups you would use for salad dressing (like the little cups of dressing you get with salads at fast food restaurants) Each lunch will contain A protein sandwich -- peanut butter and jelly; turkey & cheese; ham & cheese, etc. Something sweet -- pudding or fruit cup Something salty -- crackers, granola bars, chips Something fresh -- either fruit or veggies & salad dressing A Bottle of Water

2. The Sick (Serenity House) Paper Towels Stamps Grocery Store Gift Cards Toilet Paper Trash Bags Staples Gift Cards Tissues Napkins Laundry Soap Dishwashing Liquid Swiffer Dust Pads Swiffer Mop Refills

3. The Unclothed (Lydia's Loft) NEW & USED Towels Underwear (especially for men and boys and Middle School is the greatest need) Socks (especially for men and boys and Middle School is the greatest need)

4. The Strangers (Lily Pad Haven) Paper Products like paper towels and Toilet paper are always running low Welcome Baskets are running low for new guests that come in. These include larger items like hair dryers, hair straighteners, combs, body lotions, body sprays, journals, pens, pencils, calendars, etc. that are wrapped in clear wrap and tied with a big bow on top that are placed in their laundry baskets when they first walk in Transportation Volunteers and Weekday activity volunteers for the guests Volunteers with trucks that are able to pick up donations and drop them off at storage trailers located about 10-15 minutes form our church. Maintenance Volunteers - able bodied individuals to help with basic construction and upkeep of the houses on a quarterly as well as an as needed basis when there are certain maintenance requests turned in.