Returning to In-Person Worship

We are excited to announce our return to in-person worship starting Saturday, August 1, at 5:00pm at New Beginnings Moravian Church located at 211 Seagle Street, Huntersville, North Carolina! (See MAP below and Receive Directions by Text) We have been planning for everyone’s return and for all new visitors in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all. If you do not feel comfortable being in a public setting like this, we certainly understand and invite you to worship with us on Sunday mornings via our website. We plan to record our Saturday evening services and have them available for viewing the next day (Sundays) at 10:30am. Below are procedures we recommend and are implementing as we gather together. We hope to see you as soon as you feel comfortable and are able to come!

Before You Come to Worship:

1.     If you are not feeling well, we recommend that you stay home and worship with us online Sunday morning at 10:30am.

2.     If you have a mask or face covering, please bring it with you. We are requiring masks at least initially as we ease back into public worship. If you do not have a face covering or if you leave it at home, we will provide a disposable mask when you arrive.

When You Arrive for Worship:

1.     We will have volunteers greet you inside as you come from the parking lot. The volunteers will be masked and wearing gloves. These greeters will be there to:

a.     Provide hand sanitizer

b.      Provide a disposable mask if you need one

Entering the Building:

1.     We have one entrance into the building which will also be the exit when the service concludes.

2.     The seats are rows of pews. Every other row is roped off to assist with social distancing.

3.     Families are encouraged to sit together. Allow for space between non-family members.

4.     We will NOT pass the offering plates as we typically do in our worship services. Instead, we will have an offering plate near the entry/exit. You can place your offerings in the plate when you enter or when you exit.

Exiting the Building:

1.     When the service is over, we ask everyone to exit the building first before mingling with one another. This is for two reasons. First, social interaction is best outdoors. Second, our volunteers need to begin cleaning and sanitizing the sanctuary for New Beginnings Church to be able to use it the next morning.

2.     If we provided you a disposable mask, please take that with you and dispose of it at your convenience.

We believe these procedures will help us as we gather to worship. If you have any questions, contact Pastor Landon at or call/text 704-264-9265.

Map of Location for Saturday Worship
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